About iTEN.TV :

iTEN.TV, is the official video production company for the 2019 IOMS.

iTEN.TV, provides a series of videos for numerous drivers as well as higlight clips from the races. This year iTEN.TV will also provide photos for the picture gallery for drivers to use at their own discretion.

They will also assist in any media related material.

Should any driver or team need assistance with any marketing material, they are free to contact iTEN.TV.

PLEASE NOTE: iTEN.TV does not do any vinyl wrap printing or installations.


iTEN.TV - Filming the RPMS shows


Show host "DJ" Everett interviews
Brendan Watt #49x


Welcome to the "Intermountain Outlaw Modified Series"

As many of you may know, this series started of as the "Intermountain Modified Series" and eventually became the "Royal Purple Modified Series". It is now however back to it's original racing title.

Due to unforseen circumstances, Royal Purple is unable to be our major sponsor for 2019. In fact Royal Purple has dropped a lot of it's racing sponsorship deals.

This has not stoppped our series from continuing. We do have some minor rule changes which can be found in our "RULES" page.

We will be featuring more "TURN 5 LIVE" shows this season as well as some broadcasts from the tracks. We have a new format, layout and hosts, so don't forget to tune in on sundays at 7pm. We will keep you posted on more information as it happens.

iTEN.TV, will be filming again this year and producing a tv format show for 2019. However there will not be as much exposure as we had planned, due to a smaller amount of races this season. iTEN.TV has done it's best to try and get some international deals going, however due to some setbacks and requirements that need to be met, we will be foregoing it on our own. The shows will still be broadcast online and on ROKU TV.

The 2019 season will be fun and a bit tight for many, we appreciate all the racers who have come to show support for our series and if there is any questions you may have please let us know. Lets keep any negativety to a minimal and and should you have any problems, please contact me (Todd) to resolve issues. Our social media is being watched this season, so lets be as professional as we can be.


Eric Rhead #66 2018 Royal Purple Modified Series - Points Champion.