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    COOL STUFF - A collection of things we didn't Know where
    to put

    Here you will find all kinds of cool stuff, from like the "Pit Crew", posters, "How-To" videos and other miscellaneous goodies. But don't forget to check back here often as we will be having give-aways, running special competitions that are strictly at the track. We will also have custom mechandise here as well, plus you'll get to learn about more about the crew.

Meet the Crew


Meet Barry, loves intimate walks on the beach and sipping champagne and other romantic stuff, like Hunting, Fishing and blowing things up. OK, Barry is the CREW CHIEF for Anderson 68 Racing he keeps the cars running and fine tuned.


Ray likes to nail things (by day) and by nailing we mean carpentry. Ray is the teams "Right Hand Man" Ray helps out in every way possible, from finding tools, working the tires and assisting in whatever way he can.


Son of Frank Keller. Frankie is an alround hard worker on the team. From being an all rounder he assists everyone even though he is Franks right hand man he is very effecient and keen on learning everything. Most of all he makes sure all the cars are shiny and clean.